There is a lack of leadership in Brexit

There is one way for Britain to regain its respect in Europe and that is to abandon Brexit. That will best happen in the context of beginning the task of undoing the damage to the British economy, working at mending the divisions created by Brexit between citizens, and in reconciling with the European Union, providing input into the debate on the need for reform in the EU and participation in that reform.

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Australia’s lesson for the media in democracy

James McDonald

I think the breakdown in political and media standards may not be so much a matter of collusion between politicians and media where “news” is mere propaganda, although it clearly is in the Murdoch sector. Nor do I think it is inherent in the nature of the short-term news cycle. It has to do with on the one hand a loss of democratic idealism by politicians and on the other hand a failure of media in upholding the basic principle that a democracy needs a population that is informed and not conned.Continue reading