There is a lack of leadership in Brexit

There is one way for Britain to regain its respect in Europe and that is to abandon Brexit. That will best happen in the context of beginning the task of undoing the damage to the British economy, working at mending the divisions created by Brexit between citizens, and in reconciling with the European Union, providing input into the debate on the need for reform in the EU and participation in that reform.

The very act itself of setting Brexit aside will undo most of the economic damage the Tories have wreaked on Britain. Given that they have also stuffed up the negotiation task, they are incapable of achieving this alone, particularly as President Macron observed, its architects, who lurk in Tory ranks and UKIP, are liars. Macron, in making this point has attacked the Brexit project, its integrity lost in the campaign lies, the illegal funding, and the xenophobic dog-whistling
Brexit is a national crisis of greater magnitude than many British people understand, I suspect. Resolution requires the major Parties to set aside their differences, insofaras the national interest is concerned, in the task of restoring Britain’s rightful place in the European region. Corbyn and the Labour Party can afford no longer to sit on the fence waiting for the Tories’ polling to collapse as their incompetence becomes apparent to even the disinterested and the nation hurtles towards complete disaster.
Has any national figure pondered the social and political damage to Britain that proceeding with leaving in any form will do to the confidence of the nation? That it will tear apart the fabric of British society already suffering the release of active racism and division? As Britain loses in Europe its markets, its influence, and at home the cultural benefits and the jobs of industries driven away by the naive malevolence of Brexit? And the extremist neo-cons are given a free hand to further undermine British workers and their families? This is happening elsewhere in the English-speaking world, and for British families even greater misery than the austerity the Tories imposed for the sins of the corporations and the powerful looms over the future.
Leadership has been lacking on all sides in Brexit from David Cameron’s ill-advised adventurism in calling what was a badly designed referendum. Mrs May has allowed rational consideration of the imprudence of acting on the advisory referendum to be subverted by the ambitious bovver boys in her Party. And Jeremy Corbyn’s probable tactic of letting the self-destruction of the Tories proceed in anticipation of an early election does nothing to provide the national leadership needed to avoid the trainwreck of the Brexit Express as it hurtles without the brakes of the national interest towards the cliffs of Dover.

The people passing for leaders in the nation need to stop talking about the will of the people, which wasn’t established by the minority results in the referendum, and focussing on the welfare of the people – including the rights of all – something PM May could not bring herself to do after she was was once again humiliated by her own hand in having painted her nation into a corner with her inflexible and unmeetable demands of Chequers or the cliff-edge calamity of no deal.

James McDonald
Original post Facebook
22 September 2018

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