The centre and south of Italy escaped the worst of Europe’s “Beast from the East”

The advantage in choosing central Italy to live was borne out during the week’s snow and ice from Il Burian that closed schools and universities in Perugia for a day.

Until two days ago, getting out and about was treacherous. Then on Thursday after a relatively sunny day, it snowed again in the middle of the night. However, rain started on Friday morning and the place became relatively safer for getting around for us older folk for whom a slip can mean sore limbs.

Indeed, I carry two sore shoulders and a sore hand from a slip on Monday while taking photographs. But while we now only have had rain and a warm day (+8C as I write at 8.45pm), the blizzards continue to be dangerously persistent in Northern Europe. European Britain (a Brexit dig) has suffered from two weather systems dumping snow and bringing parts of the UK to a halt.

James McDonald
Facebook, 3 March 2018

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